About Our Simpilli

Our Vision

To make filling of prescriptions easy, simple, convenient and safe for everyone.

We believe in new innovative solutions to solve and overcome challenges that arise. A single mother with two children who does not have much time to wait at the pharmacy, or a person who works during the open hours of the pharmacy, or a person who is afraid of catching COVID by visiting medical settings, all have one thing in common. They are all looking for easier, convenient and safer way to fulfill their pharmacy needs.

Our app, Simpilli, provides exactly that. It gives people the freedom to send their prescriptions to the pharmacy in an easy and simple way so they can focus on more important things in life.

Simpilli will improve the way we deal with the pharmacy forever!

Our Service

The best way to get your prescriptions

We take pride in providing an amazing platform that allows customers to connect with their pharmacies. Simpilli takes the hassle out of waiting at pharmacies so you can focus on more important things in your life.

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Our Product

Simple, Professional and Secure

We put a lot of focus into our design and flow so it’s easy-to-use for all age groups. Simpilli is also very secure as we are complying with the ‘Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act’ (HIPPA).

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  • Easy-To-Use
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  • Intuitive
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  • Elegant
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About Our Simpilli
Our Founder - Dr. Singh

The perfect blend of knowledge, experience and vision

Dr. Singh is a Medical Doctor who received his medical education from the prestigious Queen's University in Canada. Along with medicine, he always had a passion for technology and how it could be used to solve everyday life problems. Through his practice, he observed the challenges faced by patients in getting their prescriptions filled. The challenges included travel time, wait time at pharmacies, communication barriers to interact with pharmacists, and recently the risk of getting exposed to COVID while visiting medical settings such as the pharmacy.

In order to overcome these challenges, Dr. Singh focused on ways to make the filling of prescriptions easy, convenient, and safe for everyone. He combined his experience in medicine with his passion for technology and came up with the idea of Simpilli and PharmaSimpilli.

Now customers can scan and send their prescriptions to their pharmacy from the comfort of their home while remaining safe during the current pandemic. His knowledge of the challenges faced by the patients along with his passion for technology has improved the way we deal with pharmacy forever!

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    Combining experience in medicine with a passion for technology.

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    The blend of vision, skill, and leadership.
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    Recognizing challenges and barriers.
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    An innovative solution to solve a common problem.
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    Improving the way we deal with pharmacy.
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    Leading you into the future of pharmacy.

Dr G. Singh (MD, CCFP)

Founder and CEO

Our Commitment

Simpilli maintains very high standards in quality and performance.

Elegant Design

Our design makes the app intuitive and easy to navigate for all age groups.


Our app is dependable and works flawlessly so you can use our service with confidence.


Our team is continuously working to add new features to fulfill customer needs.


Our unique design and features make us one of a kind. Simpilli and PharmaSimpilli are protected by the laws governing Copyright, Patents, and Intellectual property.


We take pride in providing excellent customer service, and are always there to handle any concerns that may arise.

Secure and Safe

We are compliant with the Health Insurance And Accountability Act (HIPPA). Your personal information is secure and safe.